Substance abuse is something many people struggle with alone. If you’ve made the decision to get treatment for substance abuse, now is the time to research the best recovery treatment options. What is rehab like in Portland, ME? And how can it benefit you? Learn what programs we have so that you can begin your recovery journey.

We try to fill most days in an inpatient rehab center with a full schedule of treatment, therapy, and some recreational activities. All programming in rehab will break your addiction, shift your habits, and give you the tools you need to stay sober once treatment is over.

What is Rehab Like?

Ending your addiction can be a scary experience. Before going to rehab, you may have some concerns about what the experience may be like for you. While overcoming a dependency on alcohol or drugs will likely be one of your biggest challenges, rehab will give you the support you need.

What is inpatient rehab like? Don’t worry. You shouldn’t be afraid of seeking treatment because you don’t have the answer. While the treatment process differs for every client, this sort of inpatient therapy treats anyone with a severe addiction to drugs or alcohol. Though inpatient therapy can range from a few days to several months, each day in treatment is essential to a successful recovery.

What is Rehab Like in Portland, ME?

Rehab centers tend to follow a standard series of treatment services for their clients. After we admit you to the rehab center, we give you an assessment. This assessment allows staff members to address your needs with a psychological and medical evaluation.

Once we admit you, you’ll begin a unique recovery program designed for you. At the beginning of treatment, you’ll undergo detox to clean the substances out of your system. This 24-hour medical detox addresses any withdrawal symptoms you may experience as you sober up. Detox is ideal for anyone with a serious substance use disorder as detoxing on your own can be dangerous or fatal.

Following detox, you’ll transition to an inpatient treatment program. During this treatment, you’ll begin daily treatment, educational classes, and group therapy as well as supplemental therapies. Many rehab centers offer supplemental therapy like exercise, art therapy, or meditation.

Though many clients stay in inpatient treatment for several months, your situation may be different. Residential treatment may last a few weeks or a few months depending on your financial situation and the severity of your problem. Once you’ve reached the end of your treatment, you’ll receive options for aftercare programs and support systems outside of drug rehab in Portland, ME.

What Is Inpatient Rehab Like?

If you’re wondering “what is inpatient rehab like?”, most rehab centers’ inpatient programs include treatments and therapies such as:

At Liberty Bay Recovery, we provide you with a safe place to detox. You can also receive substance abuse treatment. Clients who choose to seek help outside themselves are able to turn to a rehab center for alcohol and drug abuse treatment. This type of treatment program will help you enter into recovery. With the support of conventional treatment options, individual and group therapies, and the safe and sober environment of drug rehab in Portland, ME, you’ll overcome the negative habits that go hand-in-hand with your addiction.

Many clients choose inpatient rehab as it is the most effective way to overcome substance abuse problems. Instead of trying to get sober on their own, clients rely on their extensive inpatient treatment for the crucial support they need.

When choosing an inpatient treatment program, look for qualities such as:

  • Addiction resources outside of traditional treatment
  • Nutritious meals for clients
  • Counselors that empathize and support clients
  • An understanding and medically trained staff

Put an end to addiction for good. Get help from Liberty Bay Recovery in Portland, ME, today. Contact 855.607.8758 to learn more about substance abuse treatment and how you can start on your new recovery journey.

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